Firm history

2001 - firm has been found, technology leasing
2002 - initialisation produtive activity - galvanizing, yellow, blue pickling
2003 - company certification according to EN ISO 9001-2000, expansion of phosphate coating
2004 - surrender technology equipment from ŠKODA Energo, s.r.o., expansion of hanging galvanizing, black pickling
2005 - reconstruction of production line and automatization
2006 - Expansion of production about foundry - Foundry and Engineering Hajek - cast iron (ornamental iron, machinery, cast iron, cast iron stove) to extend the offer of free zinc plating without hexavalent chromium
2007 - Purchase of land and buildings, complete reconstruction of the neutralization station
2008 - Reconstruction and automatization of line No.2 and line for phosphating and pickling
2009 - The financial crisis - company consolidation and restructuring. Extending technology, thick-wall passivation for zinc plating.
2010 - Repair and reconstruction of the interior of the office building and social background. Certification according to EN ISO 9001:2008

Production Schedule
Suspended zinc galvanization of machinery parts and metal components - 2 production lines Multiple zinc galvanization of machinery parts and binding material - 2 barrels Suspended zinc phosphate treatment of machinery parts and metal components - 1 production line Suspended accid cleaning of machinery parts and metal components

Zinc galvanization with the coat thickness from 5 to 25 µm Subsequent chromate treatment - blue, yellow, yelow without Cr IV+, black Subsequent possibility to seal surface at suspended article (corrosion resistance enhancement) Phosphate treatment implemented by phosphate of zinc with the weight from 2 to 4 g/m2 Accid cleaning of components as a preliminary treatment prior to the following surface finish (oiling, varnishing, etc.) Suspended article limit proportions - 1350 x 1150 x 450 mm. Max. weight 1 pc approx. 30 - 50 kg. Quality Assurance The company has been certified in compliance with the Standard EN ISO 9001:2008. Overall technological processes are implemented in compliance with the Standards ČSN EN 12329, DIN 50961, ČSN EN 1403, ČSN EN ISO 4042, ČSN EN ISO 3613, ČSN EN 12476, ČSN EN ISO 2081.